The official launch of the Youth Employment Magazine is announced on the UN International Day of Friendship. Nearly 200 institutions from 26 European countries implementing projects financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway unite to share results of their initiatives aimed at combating youth unemployment in Europe. Launched on July 30, the Youth Employment Magazine ( will […]

10.6.2016. Zagreb/Paris While Euro 2016 kicks off, nationalism threatens an event that is awaited by many as a celebration of fraternity transcending national identities around the shared love of the round ball. This fact was highlighted several weeks ago with the passing Johan Cruyff: never had a player such as he so revolutionized the game. […]

The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement, Youth Initiative for Human Rights and the group of artists and culture workers Kulturnjaci2016 together initiated the attached European appeal against revisionism in Croatian Government. The appeal was signed by many prominent signatories from intellectual, cultural and political milieu.

Hidden in the Petriceva Ulica in the center of Zagreb the “Memorijalni centar raketiranja Zagreba” (Memory Center of the Shelling of Zagreb in 1991 and 1995) is located, which is a collection of the City museum of Zagreb. The Museum is dedicated to the events of Yugoslav Air Force strike on Banski dvori and artillery attacks […]

Croatia – beautiful beaches, incredible landscape, very friendly and hospitable people – this is what lots of people in Germany think about this country or what they experienced during their summer holidays on the Adriatic coast. When I came to Zagreb I had no touristic experience – I have never been to Zagreb or Croatia […]

On the 30th May 2016 we visited the Memorial of Jasenovac. After a two-and-a-half-hour lasting trip by train from Zagreb we arrived at the train station of the village Jasenovac – in the middle of nowhere, near the Bosnian border. We didn´t have internet connection and unfortunately no idea how to find the way to […]