In the period 21-22 October 2020 we organized a kick off meeting of our new project Partnership for Sustainable Strengthening of Youth Activism, which aims to strengthen the role of young people in directly influencing policies related to them, as well as to enable them to develop lifelong skills which will facilitate their responsible and […]

Zagreb, July 29, 2020.   President Milanović, The 25th anniversary of the Operation Storm is coming soon. In our appeal, among other things, we are proposing that during your introductory speech, you also mention human rights violations which happened during and after Operation Storm. This way, you will act justly not only towards the victims […]

Hello to all of you in CSOs! We developed an apprenticeship model based on CSO needs – apply now! Use our support for designing a mentoring program specialized for your organization – useful for preparing new people and first job seekers coming to work in your organization on concrete positions.   Why did we create […]

A new space dedicated for civil society organisations, informal citizen initiatives and others free of charge – the YIHR.hub at Đorđićeva 8a in Zagreb was officialy launched on November 28. The celebration was twofold: together with the hub opening, we celebrated the 11th birthday of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. More than 100 CSOs, […]

Hidden in the Petriceva Ulica in the center of Zagreb the “Memorijalni centar raketiranja Zagreba” (Memory Center of the Shelling of Zagreb in 1991 and 1995) is located, which is a collection of the City museum of Zagreb. The Museum is dedicated to the events of Yugoslav Air Force strike on Banski dvori and artillery attacks […]

Croatia – beautiful beaches, incredible landscape, very friendly and hospitable people – this is what lots of people in Germany think about this country or what they experienced during their summer holidays on the Adriatic coast. When I came to Zagreb I had no touristic experience – I have never been to Zagreb or Croatia […]

On the 30th May 2016 we visited the Memorial of Jasenovac. After a two-and-a-half-hour lasting trip by train from Zagreb we arrived at the train station of the village Jasenovac – in the middle of nowhere, near the Bosnian border. We didn´t have internet connection and unfortunately no idea how to find the way to […]