Zagreb, December 8th, 2021 The Youth Initiative for Human Rights joined the commemoration “The Zec Family – 30 Years Later” yesterday, on December 7, 2021, organized by the Antifascist League of the Republic of Croatia and the Serb National Council. The commemoration was held at Adolfovac on Sljeme, the place where on the night of December […]

Zagreb, December 6th, 2021 The Zec family symbolizes the victims of war and the atmosphere of fear that prevailed in Zagreb and the rest of Croatia during the early 1990s. The murder of the Zec family was committed in the most cruel way and it represents all the horrors of war and hatred that stems from it. The […]

Zagreb, November 16, 2021 On Saturday, November 13, 2021, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia organized a workshop on the occasion of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the fall of Vukovar. Our young activists from Croatia and Serbia attended the workshop. During the workshop, we presented a brief chronology of war events related to […]

Zagreb, November 12, 2021 The Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia organized an educational-activist school of transitional justice “Where were you in 2021.?” in the period of October 29-31. Twenty-seven young people from Croatia and Serbia attended the school. The participants had an opportunity to learn about transitional justice, dealing with the past, the culture […]

Hidden in the Petriceva Ulica in the center of Zagreb the “Memorijalni centar raketiranja Zagreba” (Memory Center of the Shelling of Zagreb in 1991 and 1995) is located, which is a collection of the City museum of Zagreb. The Museum is dedicated to the events of Yugoslav Air Force strike on Banski dvori and artillery attacks […]

Croatia – beautiful beaches, incredible landscape, very friendly and hospitable people – this is what lots of people in Germany think about this country or what they experienced during their summer holidays on the Adriatic coast. When I came to Zagreb I had no touristic experience – I have never been to Zagreb or Croatia […]

On the 30th May 2016 we visited the Memorial of Jasenovac. After a two-and-a-half-hour lasting trip by train from Zagreb we arrived at the train station of the village Jasenovac – in the middle of nowhere, near the Bosnian border. We didn´t have internet connection and unfortunately no idea how to find the way to […]