reconcilliation program

Reconcilliation program consists of all projects and activities that aim towards dealing with the past and reconciliation on the local, national and regional level.

Program methodology::

(i) advocacy

(ii) knowledge attainment

(iii) direct memorialisation initiatives and changing public opinion towards events from recent history

Core activities:

  • coordination of the RECOM initiative in Croatia
  • conducting advocacy campaigns for remembrance of victims of grave human rights atrocities from the recent past
  • advocacy for founding the Museum of Memory of Civil Victims of War in Petrinja
  • support to nonformal youth groups who engage in dealing with the past on the local, national and regional level
  • demythologisation initiatives
  • initiatives for reaching shared or common narratives


40: Discovery, awareness, empowerment and human rights organization

Shared Narratives-Past Continues

Europe Equals Equality

Youth Memories

No Barriers

Coalition for RECOM

Social Trauma and Resilience