Branka Vierda

Branka Vierda holds a Master of Law degree and has worked in the Youth Initiative for Human Rights as a coordinator for the Justice Program and the Reconciliation Program since 2017. On top of her interest in transitional justice and constant education in that field, for more than ten years she has worked and trained in human rights. She gave talks at a range of programs, panels, and schools on topics such as the politics and culture of memory and facing the past. She led workshops on possibilities for political participation of women within the framework of the welfare state organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. She is also interested in the development of methods for stopping online and offline hate speech, especially the one targeted at ethnic minorities. As a member of the Croatian Social Democratic Party between 2006 and 2018, she gained experience and skills in campaigning and successful teamwork with the aim of social development. She taught in the Social Politics and Feminist Intervention module at the Center for Women’s Studies in Zagreb and also finished the Center’s educational program herself.