Društvene inovacije praksa u civilnom društvu

Call for mentors in CSOs: Share your knowledge, engage the youth!

Hello to all of you in CSOs!

We developed an apprenticeship model based on CSO needs – apply now!

Use our support for designing a mentoring program specialized for your organization – useful for preparing new people and first job seekers coming to work in your organization on concrete positions.


Why did we create this?

A survey done on 85 CSOs in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia, the organizers of the apprenticeship program (Social Innovators project partners) revealed that CSOs in these three countries are understaffed and have a big need for creating new jobs and hiring more staff to secure the implementation of their projects and to work on their mission.

As the skills which CSOs as employers value the most are:

willingness to learn, 


written communication, 

critical thinking 


The main goal of Apprenticeship is bipartite:

  • to endow future workers with formal and nonformal knowledge and skills specialized for working in CSOs
  • give an opportunity to first-time job seekers for gaining valuable and concrete knowledge and skills for the specific workplace in order to make them fully prepared for workload in CSOs


Civil society organisations will have the opportunity to provide young people work experience and give them the opportunity to get involved in some of the most relevant initiatives and programs that address social challenges in Europe today.

This innovative model has the potential to simultaneously address the challenges of high youth unemployment rate and low employment rates in the CSO sector, the challenge of a huge loss of human resources and missed opportunities for greater contribution to social transformation!

Apprenticeship for young apprentices will provide an opportunity for learning through imitation of the mentor and evaluation of work quality through practice.


What Apprenticeship program includes?

→ 80 hours duration of training for the apprentices

→ financial compensation for the mentors

The four main types of activities provided to apprentices are:



Do applicants apply for learning for a particular position or for work in CSO generally?

Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for training in order to gain knowledge and skills for a particular position in your respective organisation.

Possibilities for different specializations, depending on different types of training CSOs can offer are as it follows:

→ Project management officer,

→ Administration officer/Office Manager

→ Communication officer,

→ Advocacy officer/Specific thematic area expertise officer / Program coordinator

→ Trainers/Education staff


What kind of responsibilities will a mentor have?

We encourage organisations to appoint a mentor for the apprentice. The mentor should be a suitable colleague within the employing organisation. We define mentoring as The learning and development partnership between somebody who has the experience and somebody who wants to learn.

Responsibilities of the mentor include: attending the two-day training that will be announced in advance, developing a apprenticeship program during a training, adapted to the needs and resources of the CSO as well as the needs of the apprentice, agreeing on the apprenticeship program with the apprentice, evaluation of the matching after the completion of the apprenticeship, sharing own experience and examples and support different ways of thinking by offering new perspectives as well as assisting the apprentice to develop self-reflective skills, providing guidance on the process of coming to conclusions, by thinking through the implications.

Please share the link to this call on your webpages and social media accounts so interested future apprentices may have information on how to become part of the CSO community.


APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/xS9ExUSa3E2wcwi39

Apply by February 28, 2020.




The Social Innovators project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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