justice program

Justice Program uses legal methods in advocacy for accomplishing the goals of the organisation, dealing with the following thematic groups:

(i) national minority rights

(ii) LGBT rights

(iii) individual and collective rights as the basis of transitional justice

(iv) combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, antisemitism and other intolerances

(v) rights based on the EU Charter of the Fundamental Rights.

Methodology is based on research, monitoring, analytics, reporting, forming recommendations, legal and general advocacy.

Core program activities:

  • monitoring human rights violations
  • monitoring the processes of transitional justice
  • conducting research
  • collecting and processing data on grave violations of human rights
  • reporting on human rights violations and processes of transitional justice
  • legal advocacy with the goal of adhearing the Croation standards of human rights protection with standards of international and regional mechanisms
  • conducting a part of ICTY’s Youth Outreach Programme
  • legal advocacy for improvement of standards of protection of rights of victims of grave human rights violations from the past


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Enhancing Youth Capacities for Promotion of Human Rights