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The project SOCIAL INNOVATORS presents an innovative model of simultaneously addressing the challenges of high rates of youth unemployment – especially among social sciences and humanities graduates – and low employment rate in NGO sector, which all present a tremendous waste of human potential and missed opportunities for greater contribution to the social transformation not only in partner countries but in EU in general.
The project will focus on promotion of the NGO sector as soft-skills accelerator and attractive working and learning environment, where young people can gather much needed work experience and which presents an exciting and increasingly viable employment option – through continuous generation of initiatives, projects and programmes dealing with most pressing societal challenges and increasingly successful use of EU funding.
The project will not only contribute to better employability of the involved youth, but will give them all necessary support to proactively create their own employment opportunities in the area of social innovation, where their knowledge and contribution is essential. By generating opportunities not just for themselves, but for other (especially the most vulnerable) NEETs through new initiatives, the project is expected to have a considerable catalytic effect both in the area of youth employment and social innovation.
Through the combination of targeted training, tailored work-based learning in NGOs and established support environment of IDEAhubs, where social innovation, skills and employment opportunities will be generated, the project is expected to have a direct impact in terms of gained knowledge and skills and generated employment opportunities for young people.
Through established international collaboration, partners will also be better positioned to advocate for systemic recognition of the NGOs’ role and take advantage of the EU funding and other European initiatives, assuring sustainability and transferability of project results.


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Project is co-financed by the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs