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YIHR Croatia was established in late 2008 by a group of young human rights activists in Croatia in consultations and with the support of then regional organization – the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. Since then, the regional organization underwent the transformation of national offices/programs into autonomous organizations that established a regional network of the same name in 2010. Today,

YIHR Croatia is one of five member organizations of the YIHR Regional Network. These organizations cooperate closely through the regional body (Regional Coordination) and through many projects and programs implemented by two or more YIHR Regional Network’s member organizations.

YIHR Croatia is based in Zagreb, but has programs in other areas in Croatia as well, especially in the areas that were affected by the recent war.

Its members are young human rights activists, jurists, journalists, students, authors, researchers and experts on transitional justice and international relations from Croatia and other countries in the region. YIHR Croatia also has an activist base in many towns nation-wide.

YIHR Regional Network’s vision, mission, mandate and values are shared by all its member organizations. These are:


To live in responsible and accountable societies that have learned the lessons of the past and strive towards a positive future based on the respect of human rights, civic values and the rule of law.


The Youth Initiative for Human Rights is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, convinced that the sanctity of human life is the sole foundation and fundamental value of every open and prosperous society.


Dealing with the past, addressing its legacy in the present, and learning its lessons to build a better future; Support victims of human rights violations and contribute strategically to establishing an institutional framework to prevent [the repetition of massive] systematic human rights violations in the future; Develop capacity and cooperation among young people to lead and drive the creation of peaceful societies in which civic values and human rights are fully respected.


YIHR is a value led organisation. YIHR’s mission is defined by its values, and its work aims to embed these values in society. Responsibility and Accountability; YIHR advocates for responsibility and accountability in society and believes these values are central to society’s positive future development. Truth; YIHR advocates for truth and for the clear establishment of facts about wars in the former SFRY because we believe that the crimes of the past should be recognized and named. Justice; YIHR advocates for justice because we believe that dignity must be restored to victims and that victims’ suffering must be recognized and addressed through reparations and prosecution of perpetrators. Co-existence; YIHR believes that citizens of different ethnic, religious, racial, social, sexual and other affiliations can and should live together in peace and with mutual respect. Human life and dignity; YIHR strives for human life and dignity to become the foundation of democratic development for the whole region of the former SFRY.

The main objective of YIHR Regional Network is to prevent reccurence of wars from 1990’s.

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