After the earthquake in Zagreb on 22 March 2020, YIHR.hub permanently moved to the address Kumičićeva 8, 2nd floor.

New premises extend to approximately 100 square meters and includes several rooms for workshops, seminars and other events.

IMPORTANT: Due to the ongoing epidemiological situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 YIHR.hub is open primarily for digital activities. You can learn more about that on the Digital YIHR.hub page. 

Activities which require meeting in person take place only exceptionally, with strict adherence to epidemiological measures and limited number of users.

You can read more about epidemiological measures in the updated YIHR.hub House Rules.

What is YIHR.hub?

YIHR.hub was conceived as a free and safe space for developing ideas, initiatives, projects, art interventions, and social innovations, as well as for exchanges of ideas. Its key programs are the protection and promotion of human rights and social development with a strong focus on civil society and informal initiatives of citizens. The key principles are solidarity and mutual respect, as well as a free exchange of knowledge and ideas. YIHR.hub in Đorđićeva 8a, Zagreb, is a place for developing and encouraging critical thinking, activism, and social change.


What makes YIHR.hub unique?

YIHR.hub is not a classic co-working space in which individuals share space with other individuals who work on different projects but is primarily intended for the workshops, meetings, debates, and festivals. The main goal of YIHR.hub is to offer a space for sharing and developing ideas and social innovations with a goal of producing the well-being of society. We are hosting informal and formal initiatives, action groups and civil society organizations that want to ‘come out of the box’ or do not have space for joint activities. The uniqueness of the hub is that it provides a space primarily intended for civil society, activists, journalists, students and artists that are focused on social change and criticism. This is a place for meeting, innovation and encouraging the difference and the difference.

Bring your ideas and projects out of the box and share them with others!


Space for Social Innovations

One of the most important goals of YIHR.hub activities is inspiring social innovation. Social Innovations are new solutions to problems that at the same time respond to social needs and create new relationships and collaboration. Social Innovations are focused on social well-being as well as increasing the capacity of a society to respond to problems and challenges.

As a laboratory for new ideas, solutions and projects focused on social well-being, YIHR.hub is the place for inspiration and connecting with people who work on similar ideas.

Do you want to develop your idea and do not know where to start? Send us an email at yihr.hub[at]yihr.org

In the spring of 2020., YIHR.hub will organize Ideathons – competitions for interdisciplinary teams who will work together on solving the most pressing social problems. The teams will have a chance to develop innovative solutions during a 2-day training. The best solution (proposal for a project) will win the financial and mentoring support for project development.

If you are interested, follow our project webpage and Social Innovators Croatia Facebook page (in Croatian).

In 2021, YIHR.hub will also host an informal 150-hour long educational program for Social Innovation Practitioners.


Who can use YIHR.hub?

YIHR.hub is primarily intended for informal initiatives of citizens, art collectives and freelance artists, groups and civil society organizations that work in accordance with international and national human rights and rule of law standards.

YIHR.hub is a space of freedom, solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect. Our doors are open to all citizens who respect these principles and who want to share their knowledge and skills or want to start something new and contribute to the development and well-being of the society.


What do we offer?

To those who organize events at YIHR.hub we offer three rooms for workshops, meetings, lectures, movie projections, exhibitions and other events.


  • Event Room [Nada] – 20-30 chairs for lectures or around 15 people for a workshop.
  • Meeting Room [Rajka] – 25 chairs for lectures or around 15 people for a workshop.
  • Brainstorming room and library [Zdenka] – 5-6 people for meetings or research work.

“Hub takeover”

  • Exhibitions, festivals and art interventions transforming the whole hub into something completely new!
Inicijativa mladih za ljudska prava, Đorđićeva 8a
Mapping the Unseen – YIHR.hub takeover projekt u organizaciji VoxFeminae i House of Flamingo


YIHR.hub Library

YIHR.hub offers a library containing books (mostly in Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian language), covering topics such as human rights, transitional justice and similar subjects. You can use the library on an appointment at yihr.hub[at]yihr.org.

The YIHR.hub library is looking for volunteers who will help in alphabetizing the material. For volunteering, you can write to us at yihr.hub[at]yihr.org. You can also contact us if you wish to donate a book to YIHR.hub library.


Additional Services

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights offers additional paid services for organizations:

  • Event organization and management
  • Moderating events
  • Help in writing project proposals
  • Consulting about project management and implementation
  • Facilitating strategic and operational planning
  • Leading and organizing workshops and lectures
  • Marketing and dissemination activities consulting
  • Advice on law, statutory and financial aspect of CSO activities



YIHR.hub has three main program strands:

(1) Space for civil society organizations

(2) Human Rights program

(3) Social Innovations lab

More information on each program and how you can contribute will be published soon.


How to book a space at YIHR.hub?

(1) Check the room availability on the dates you are interested in using the table below these steps.

(2) Fill in an application form at least 2 weeks before the event here: https://forms.gle/3cwmtGmEfgpLV7bz9

(3) Event organizers will get the feedback regarding the status of their applications within a few working days

(4) In case of multi-day, repetitive or special events, organizers should first contact the YIHR.hub crew at yihr.hub[at]yihr.org.

House Rules

All event organizers, as well as YIHR.hub visitors, are obliged to follow the House Rules. You can find them here.

Individuals and organizations that do not follow the House Rule can be permanently denied from using YIHR.hub.


We are looking forward to new initiatives and events at YIHR.hub!


YIHR.hub is a part of the Social Innovators project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

Working Together for a Green, Competitive and Inclusive Europe.

Project is cofinanced by: