YIHR.hub House Rules

From the House Rules:

YIHR.hub House Rules

Annex to the House Rules which TAKES EFFECT ON 1 July 2020, after moving in into the new YIHR.hub premises on the address Kumičićeva 8, 10 000 Zagreb:

  • The official YIHR.hub working hours are 9 AM- 5 PM on working days. Exceptionally, events can take place no later than 8 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekends by prior arrangement with the hosts of the YIHR.hub
  • All YIHR.hub visitors are required to adhere to the House Rules posted on the ground floor of the building
  • Until further notice, applications for the use of the space are agreed via email (yihr.hub@yihr.hub.org)

Also, due to the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19, all YIHR.hub visitors are obliged to adhere to the following measures:

Restrictions on the use of space

Until further notice, the maximum number of people staying in the YIHR.hub at the same time is 5-7 people, depending on whether they are in separate or same room

All YIHR.hub visitors as well as the employees are required to measure their body temperature before arrival. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 ° C, or if the person feels ill or has any signs of illness (any that can be transmitted by human contact), the person cannot participate in the event or cannot enter the YIHR.hub space.

Also, a person cannot participate in events in the YIHR.hub if he/ she has:

  • A household member who is in isolation
  • If he/ she has been abroad within the previous 14 days, unless he/ she has a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours
  • If he/ she has some of the following symptoms: fever, cough, runny nose or loss of smell

Epidemiological and hygienic measures

All visitors shall register and leave their contact details (name and surname, email address and telephone/ mobile phone number) in order to facilitate contact tracking in case of possible SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. 

Hands shall be disinfected before and after registration. Hand disinfection is mandatory at the entrance to the hub. Premises and contact areas are disinfected before and after the arrival of visitors. 

The rooms where YIHR.hub visitors use must be ventilated at least every half hour. 

YIHR.hub visitors may use only disposable or pre-determined glasses/ cutlery and use a separate, specially marked bathroom and toilet. 

Shaking hands is forbidden. 

Visitors are advised to wash and disinfect their hands as often as possible and to avoid touching their noses and mouths as well as to use face masks in the company of a large number of people when possible.

House Rules

House rules are prescribed for maintaining order, peace and tidiness, space maintenance, the arrangement and rules of entry and exit from the hub, the rules related to protection against fire, rules of staying in the hub, the prescribed noise level and all other conditions of staying and working in a shared workspace YIHR.hub in Đordjiceva 8a.

All the YIHR.hub users are obliged to comply with the House Rules.

YIHR.hub users are:

  1. The Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) workers and members and HERMES workers and members (hereinafter: YIHR.hub hosts)
  2. Short term and long term users of the space (legal and natural persons)
  3. Guests

YIHR.hub users are required to inform their workers, business partners and their guests about the the house rules and take responsibility in the event of their failure to comply with these rules.

The main principles of using YIHR.hub are solidarity and respect. This means all users should be aware of their duties and rights: respect the agreed time of entry and exit from the space, respect the agreed appointments and not canceling them at the last minute, leave the room in the same condition as it was before the appointment and participating in keeping the space clean.

Check- in and check-out


YIHR.hub reservations are available via application form on the YIHR web page.

Reservation steps:

  1. Check room availability for required appointments on the YIHR web page.
  2. Fill in the application form at least two weeks in advance here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/
  3. Feedback regarding the space reservation can be expected over a period of several days.
  4. In cases of need for multiple appointments and/or several-day activities as well as activities which require special space adjustment, reservations can be made via yihr.hub@yihr.org

In case you need access to YIHR.hub outside the working hours of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Monday -Friday 9am – 5pm), users are required to pick up the key and instructions for the use of YIHR.hub during the working hours before the appointment (same day or the day before). The next working day after the appointment, users are required to return the key to the YIHR.hub hosts in a pre-arranged manner.


Terms of use

Terms for the free of charge usage of YIHR.hub are for a program to include activities contributing to social well-being of civil society organizations, art collectives / independent artists and informal initiatives of citizens and other non-commercial nature, in accordance with international and national human rights standards and the rule of law.

YIHR.hub users are required to deliver to the hosts the evidence of the conducted activity.  

Evidence includes:

  1. Sign-in sheet with names of all the participants who were a part of  the event; after the event the sign-in sheet will be left on the previously agreed place within the YIHR.hub
  2. At least one photograph of the event in accordance with the legal provisions related to the personal data protection laws and regulations which will be delivered to the hosts via email not later than 15 days after the event took place
  3. Short report about the event which will be filled-in on the appropriate form provided by YIHR which will be delivered to the hosts via email not later than 15 days after the event took place

sheet will be provided by the YIHR.hub hosts.

YIHR.hub users are required to leave the space in the same condition as it was before the appointment and to ensure the safety of participants in accordance with the terms described in House Rules.

Person who signs the reservation for the YIHR.hub usage is responsible for the equipment, locking the hub, closing windows, and turning off the lights, electrical devices and heat.


Tidiness and maintenance

All YIHR.hub users are required to prepare and adjust the space before and clean after the usage, to wash the dishes and to throw out the garbage. Detergents are in the kitchen and toilet.

Garbage must be classified in separate bins for paper, metal and plastic, organic waste and mixed waste.



YIHR.hub is in disposal of equipment which can be used by the YIHR.hub users.

The equipment include:

  • Desks/tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Regular chairs
  • White board
  • Projector
  • Projection screen

In case the equipment is needed, it is required to state it in the application form. The equipment cannot be carried out of the YIHR.hub. The users are responsible for the equipment they shall use.


Internet access

YIHR.hub provides the users with wireless Internet, which is not suitable for a large number of concurrent users. In case the users need a stable Internet access for multiple users, streaming and similar purposes, users should provide the Internet access themselves. All YIHR.hub visitors should note that this is an open network and therefore they are not recommended to share sensitive information via the hub network.


Promotion and visibility

In case the YIHR.hub users organize public events, festivals or similar, which will be promoted on social media, notice boards and other materials, they are encouraged to use “YIHR.hub” as a name of the venue. In case of the YIHR logo or other sign usage, the users must ask for YIHR’s approval.

The hosts are happy to publish the information about the event on their Social Innovators Facebook page if YHR.hub users wish to. Nothing will be published without previous agreement between the user and the hosts.


Privacy policy and taking photographs

Taking photographs and video recording during an event in YIHR.hub is allowed. Attending public events implies the possibility of photographs or videos being made. Taking photographs and video recording during closed events which is allowed only for record keeping, unless otherwise arranged. Minors can be photographed only if the organiser has the written approval of parents. 

For further information regarding privacy protection, accessing personal data or needs regarding privacy protection, contact us on yihr.hub@yihr.org


Noise level

YIHR.hub users are obliged to pay attention to an appropriate level of noise in the hub, especially in the case when several simultaneous events are taking place in the premises of YIHR.hub. YIHR.hub is located in a residential building and is also the office in which workers of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, HERMES and other organizations carry out their regular work. Having that in mind, shouting, loud music, running and raising unnecessary noise is prohibited.

In case the planned activities include loud music etc. it is required to announce it in advance.

All persons who use the YIHR.hub should act according to the principles of solidarity and respect towards other users and hosts of the hub.  Additionally, have in mind the hub premises are not soundproof. Have this in mind when using the kitchenette which is not a place for social gatherings, but only for beverage and food preparation. 


Policy of non-discrimination and non-violence

All YIHR.hub users should adhere to the principle of non-discrimination on any grounds and principles of non-violent communication. All the persons using the premises should be treated with respect and solidarity.

In case of any incidents, users can send complaints to yihr.hub@yihr.org or speak directly to one of the YIHR workers. It is also possible to send anonymous complaints via mail to the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Đorđićeva 8a, Zagreb). In the case of complaint, the YIHR.hub host will act in accordance with the complaint and take appropriate actions against the perpetrators to ensure the prevention of such incidents in the future.


Cancellation Rules

In case of justified YIHR.hub appointment cancellation, the user is required to do so in person or via email yihr.hub@yihr.org at least 72 hours before the reserved appointment.

Users who do not respect these cancellation rules will be prohibited from using the hub premises in the future. YIHR.hub is a space free of charge, used by a number of organizations and initiatives and it is of utmost importance to respect the principles of solidarity.


Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes 

It is forbidden to smoke, consume alcoholic beverages and drugs, as well as to use or bring in any other illegal substances. In the case of organizing a special event which requires serving alcohol, it is necessary to ask the permission of the YIHR.hub hosts in advance. 


Prohibition of bringing in the weapons

It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons in the premises of the YIHR.hub. In case of unauthorized bringing of weapons, the violator will immediately be reported to the appropriate authorities.



The hosts retain the possibility of refusing to approve the YIHR.hub reservation if the organization or its workers, activists and other persons  do not comply with the Terms of the YIHR.hub House Rules.

The person who signs the YIHR.hub reservation form takes the responsibility for complying with the Terms of the YIHR.hub House Rules. 

Failure to comply with these House Rules can result in prohibition of further usage of the YIHR.hub premises and other measures.