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inclusive memory

Project name: Inclusive memory

Project lead: Youth Initiative for Human Rights

Implementation period: 20.10.2022. - 28.2.2023.

The total value of the project: €1,327.23

Contact person for additional information: Morana Starcevic,

Summary of the project:

The project "Inclusive memory" presents and advocates a non-discriminatory approach to memory as a mechanism for preventing violations of human rights, especially the rights of national minorities. More precisely, we want to promote good practices of an inclusive culture of memory, that is, the practice of commemorating civilian victims of the wars of the 1990s in a way that is in line with international human rights standards. In this way, the visibility of members of national minorities who are civilian victims of war increases, which contributes to the respect of victims, the improvement of human rights and the rights of national minorities through the construction of sustainable peace and the guarantee of non-repetition of violations of human rights to life, liberty, and security.

The project includes a panel discussion and the marking of places of suffering with accompanying education in order to present good practices of inclusive memory and advocate the creation and adoption of public city memory policies based on international standards, as well as raising awareness of the suffering of members of national minorities by increasing their visibility in public space.


Young People Remember the Forgotten: Education and Action

How and Why Should We Remember Civilian War Victims?

The project "Inclusive memory" is financed by the competent office of the City of Zagreb.

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