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shared narratives - past continues

Shared Narratives Initiative is an 18-months project that tackles the existence of different and often conflicting narratives about the recent past in Western Balkans, which are nurtured within the ethnic and national groups and communities and which cause profoundly divided communities that teach different histories and disable the effective dealing with the past processes. This project is a direct response to this situation as it intends to work with youth who studied different histories on production of shared narratives through an open process oriented towards facts rather than myths and reconciliation rather than further division. The project engages 120 young people (high school and university students) from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro in the development of shared narratives about the recent violent history through the organization of one regional “bring-your-own-history” conference dedicated to the engagement of youth in the learning process about the recent past, 12 bilateral study visits between the young people focused on on-site researching and experiencing the legacy of the violent recent past, the development of shared narrative through the expert guidance and development of documentary video about tackling exclusive narratives.

Project is supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung, PAX for Peace and European Commision.

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