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volunteering as a tool for inclusive society

Project title: Volunteering as a tool for inclusive society

Project lead: Ljubljana Pride (Slovenia)


Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Croatia)

Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Serbia)

Irish Network Against Racism (Ireland)

Loesje Berlin (Germany)

Contact person for more information: Simona Muršec,

Link to relevant websites:

Project summary:

“Volunteering as a tool for inclusive society” aims to build intercultural understanding and solidarity through activities engaging local communities into practices of inclusive volunteerism. It will create the link to the European political agenda such as the new inclusion and diversity strategy and policy-making process by positioning volunteering of marginalised groups (with a special focus on LGBTIQ+ and racialised people and national/ethnic minorities) as a key tool for promoting solidarity among EU citizens and beyond.

We will achieve our aim through 3 collaborative events (study visit in Ireland, conference in Slovenia, and experimental seminar in Croatia). We will create a space to explore the concept of solidarity and the importance of volunteering in vulnerable groups and how to support them. Through the project, we will explore how to use volunteering as a tool to deal with homophobia, xenophobia, and racism in the context of NGOs and local communities and how to create inclusive environments when working with different stakeholders. We will map the good practice volunteering examples of (young) people coming from marginalised groups that affected real change in the local context towards intercultural understanding and solidarity. We will enable the space to explore and test different methodologies and different tools to promote the concept of inclusive organisations and to strengthen volunteering practices as tools for intercultural understanding and solidarity in the society and wider EU scope.

With different activities and dissemination channels through networks that we are part of, we will reach 100.000 people over social media and 10.000 with the campaign and street actions. We will meet 1000 people (youngsters in schools & citizens) and debate with them about the political aspects of inclusive volunteering and solidarity, as well as promote intercultural dialogue and thereby contribute to the development of a respectful, dynamic, and inclusive identity.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Europe for Citizens program.

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