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Launching the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Activist Network

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Zagreb, February 14, 2023

We launched the Youth Initiative for Human Rights activist network with the first meeting on Wednesday, January 25.

The activist network is an opportunity for all those who are seeking to express themselves, share their thoughts and dilemmas, are willing and eager to actively and practically apply the knowledge they acquired, want to adopt new knowledge about topics related to the past and understand how it affects their present and the future and would like to express themselves creatively because they feel motivated to build solidarity in an environment in which they live.

At the first meeting, we gathered five activists who had previously participated in our various educational activities. During the meeting, we got to know each other better and were introduced to basic information related to the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, including our work, history, participation in the regional network, and key advocacy, publishing, and educational activities and successes.

We used this time to plan the future of the activist network. We agreed that the activities of the activist network will be as follows: "Peer to peer" exchange of knowledge, film screenings, visits to museums and cultural facilities and discussions after with guest lecturers, "Bookclub", research and writing of expert articles and opinions, fact-checking, meetings with peers at regional youth exchanges, trips to (un)marked places of suffering during the 90s and conversations with contemporaries and witnesses of events, developing creative advocacy strategies towards the authorities in order to improve memory policies and foster an inclusive culture of memory, empowerment workshops, organizing protest actions and others.

We also highlighted additional opportunities for members of the activist network in addition to participating in various activities. Namely, the members of the activist network have the opportunity to find out about opportunities for young people through regular communication with the Youth Initiative and receive a certificate of participation and a letter of recommendation that help them in their further professional development.

The activist network is also open to new members:

  • participants in the activities of the Youth Initiative and other organizations that operate in the field of human rights in a progressive and inclusive manner, as well as young people recommended by them,
  • those who have not participated in our previous activities, but are interested in contributing to the development of our mission and vision
  • those who want to develop an activist culture and work towards positive social changes

We invite all those interested in joining the activist network to express their interest at

Project Think locally, be active! is implemented with the financing of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth.

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