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Nina Skočak explains thoughts on increasing engagement with socio-political posts on Instagram and TikTok.

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On January 30th, we hosted our third PYN's Regional News Cafe Webinar session featuring a conversation with Nina Skočak, an influencer who led us on “How to increase political engagement using social media?”. The webinar attracted significant interest, drawing around 40 participants joining via Zoom from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Belgium, Macedonia, and Slovenia. The webinar covered social media content analysis and held an interactive Q&A session.

Nina shared how to efficiently express compelling messages through social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram, encouraging participants to think as influencers and content creators. She emphasized the power of creativity and compelling storytelling, highlighting that even videos with modest production quality can resonate strongly with audiences:

“You can have a 50-year-old camera or you can have the entire professional team of video editors and you’re still not gonna reach the right audience if you don’t have this creative flare and good storytelling”

Nina addressed the shifting social media landscape, acknowledging today’s increasing competition for attention among the growing number of content creators. She emphasized that while many perceive platforms like TikTok and Instagram as solely for entertainment or fashion, she advocates for political entities to leverage these platforms for authentic engagement and electoral success.


Nina emphasized that researching your target demographic is the most straightforward approach to launching and expanding your political party or group on social media. Following this crucial step, she emphasized the significance of learning from the responses you receive to refine your social media strategy further. Participants were presented with examples of short videos that heavily relied on trends but failed to convey the intended message effectively. Nina argued that it is far more beneficial to prioritize authenticity and individuality in content creation. In this context, it’s better to highlight the importance of capturing audience interest in the first few seconds of a video. She also talked about how provocative content can be a technique for capturing attention. Nina also shared examples of videos that adeptly deliver accurate information promptly, alongside instances of less successful ones. Participants were invited to share their opinions and thoughts as well.

The webinar closed with an interactive Q&A session in which attendees addressed questions on user-generated material, how to help political parties create effective political content, navigate delicate themes, and deal with hate speech. The session provided essential insights into content development, enabling young politicians and activists to raise their voices and initiatives.

This insightful webinar provided young politicians and activists with a firsthand glimpse into content creation. Participants gained valuable insights into becoming content creators and effectively disseminating their ideas. We are thrilled that the webinar resonated with many participants, and we have full confidence that they will apply Nina’s well-explained knowledge to their projects.

We want to express sincere appreciation to Nina and everyone who took part in this exciting online event! We eagerly anticipate seeing many of you join us again for future webinars!

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