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social development and innovations program 2017-2022

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Social Development and Innovations program is the newest YIHR’s program, ensuring the preconditions for building healthy and sustainable communities, with a special focus on war-affected areas.

Program methodology:

(i.) education and apprenticeships programs for the youth

(ii.) developing social innovations methodology and encouraging its applications

(iii.) advocating sustainable models of development and social entrepreneurship in local communities

(iv.) developing interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and regional cooperation on development projects

(v.) facilitation, support, and promotion of local initiatives for the wellbeing of local communities


Core activities:

  • The Apprenticeship program in civil society organizations
  • Social Innovation Practitioner education program
  • YIHR.hub – free space for the development of social innovations and initiatives
  • Organizing challenges and implementation of best solutions for improving local communities
  • Organizing cross-sectional conferences, debates, and workshops
  • Capacity building of civil society organizations
  • Multidisciplinary, regional and cross-sectorial cooperation with scientific communities private sector and municipalities in area of social development and innovation
  • Encouraging social entrepreneurship in war-affected communities
  • Advocating social innovations, good governance and sustainable models of development in local communities, with a special focus on war-affected communities


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