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Youth education and activism 2022-2025

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We will design and implement informal educational programs for young people using improved and new educational curricula, methodologically focusing on various forms of interactive workshops and lectures on events from the 1990s. Thematically, we will focus on examples of mass violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, individuals and movements that have sought to preserve and maintain peace, experience and practice of foreign successful practices in the field of symbolic reparations, perspectives and needs for improving institutions. comparative practices of inclusive commemorations.

We will expand non-formal education programs to build the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to identify and solve complex problems in the community. This type of education will include structured education programs, smaller workshops and webinars, study visits and trainings primarily aimed at young people from economically deprived areas particularly exposed to the rise of nationalism closely linked to the unresolved legacy of the 1990s wars.

We will encourage and strengthen the activism of young people by implementing activities and providing mentoring and partner support that will serve to train them for advocacy and develop knowledge and skills that can be used to contribute to a better life in local communities.

By interconnecting and coordinating young activists in order to preserve and support their motivation in the field of human rights and creating a contribution to creating more responsible societies in relation to the burdens of the past, we will strive to build a stable and sustainable activist network.


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