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The Activist Network Contributes to Advocacy Work of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights

Large aktivisticka

Zagreb, May 3, 2023.

The activist network of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights gathered on Wednesday, April 26, for an advocacy meeting. 

The meeting began with an introduction to the advocacy work of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in the area of dealing with the past. 

We also discussed the legacy of the Initiative's memory activism, which refers to memory politics. 

With this in mind, we focused on the publication "Inclusive Memory: Recommendations for Commemorating Civilian Victims of war for Representatives of Local and Regional Governments in the Republic of Croatia". Together, we reflected on ways in which these guidelines, based on international standards, can be further utilized in the Initiative's advocacy work. 

The in-depth discussion and high level of engagement from activists resulted in concrete ideas for further work in preserving the memory of civilian war victims, in which young people as future decision makers must be involved.

In this context, we planned further steps for self-organization with the aim of influencing positive social change at the local community level.

Young people who wish to express themselves, apply their acquired knowledge, and further educate themselves on how the past affects their present and future, and who are eager to contribute to building a supportive environment, can find opportunities within the YIHR activist network. 

We invite young people interested in the YIHR activist network to express their interest by emailing 

The project MLAD! is implemented with the financing of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth.



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