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human rights monitoring and advocacy social mechanisms advancement

In Croatia there is a lack of systematically developed human rights monitoring and advocacy program by CSOs due to specific socio-political development in recent years.

Thus, Youth Initiative for Human Rights has developed the "Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy Social Mechanisms Advancement" project with the general goal of elevating the state of human rights in Croatia by way of advancing social monitoring and advocacy mechanisms and the following specific aims and expected outputs:

a) instituting a systematic mechanism of standards monitoring,

b) contributing to a responsible monitoring by State institutions,

c) boosting the potential for cooperation and sharing of knowledge and expertize,

d) strengthening capacities of YIHR and CSOs to advocate on a local level,

e) building an activist network for advocacy and as a platform for young activists’ education,

f) raising awareness on human rights and combating intolerances and exclusive ideologies,

g) contributing to an adequate institutional response to challenges in rights promotion and protection.

By reaching these goals, the project will increase capacities of young adults and CSOs and elevate the level of responsibility of institutions, thus benefiting to human rights of threatened minorities.

Activities taking place from September 1st 2015 to January 31st 2017 will include: human rights campaigns, evaluations of gathered data with standards and mechanisms of human rights protection, published recommendationas and reports on implementation of public policies, founded Students union for promotion of human rights and widened Network of Cities and CSOs against racism.

For calls for activities and how to get involved follow our web page and Facebook page.

On the International Human Rights Day 2015 YIHR published a call for the Intensive Training on Human Rights with an aim of establishing the Student Union for Human Rights. Call and application form.

Intensive Training on Human Rights was held from March 1st to March 4th 2016 gathering 25 university students. On a four-day intensive training students listened to lectures and engaged in discussions with professors from the Zagreb Law Faculty - Enes Kulenović and Snježana Vasiljević, program director of Human Rights House Ivan Novosel, Tena Šimunović Einwalter from the Ombudsman Office, Jaroslav Pecnik - member od Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities, Sandra Benčić and Sara Lalić from Center for Peace Studies, Mitre Georgievski from Human Rights House, Sanja Sarnavka from B.a.B.e. and Marko Jurčić from Zagreb Pride.

The last day of the training was dedicated to planning future activities of the Student Union for Human Rights.

Photos from the training.

Program of the training

In cooperation with the Student Union for Human Rights, on June 16th 2016, a public panel "Dealing with the past of Split" was held in Split. Report..

Campaign against nationalism was launched on July 29th 2016.

In December 2016. YIHR organised a Training on International Humanitarian Law and Transitional Justice which gathered 25 students who participated in the program and listened to lectures and experiences from national and regional experts on humanitarian law and transitional justice.

Program of the training Photographs from the training.

Reports and Publications:

Transitional Justice // Human Rights Brief: Issues in Criminal Prosecutions of War Crimes

Report // Local Strategies on Tackling Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination and Related Intolerances

Towards Illiberalism

Report on Political Extremism in Croatia

Report on the international fact-finding mission to investigate rights violations of the population in south-east Turkey committed in & by implementation of the country’s security policy

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"Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy Social Mechanisms Advancement" project is supported by EEA Grants / Norway Grants and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development though theDemocracy and human rights programme.

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